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Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Transformation Contest beginning!

As you know, I've entered two of Craig Ballantyne's 12-week Turbulence Training Transformation Contests, and they helped me change my body AND my health for the better. Have you been inspired by my accomplishments? Well now it's YOUR turn to transform!

Craig is starting a new transformation contest (TC5 for short)! The first day to enter is Monday, May 4, 2009. Your transformation runs for 84 days from the day you start, and must end by August 18, 2009.

Why do a transformation contest?
Well, sure, there's great prizes, including cash and platinum subscriptions to Craig's site with all of his workouts and videos. However, the real reason you should do a transformation contest is that the accountability of a contest actually helps you succeed! A contest helps create a timetable, gives you tools for your success, and ensures that you document your progress.

How do you enter the transformation contest?
Pick your starting date. On that day, purchase a current newspaper, and take "before" pictures from the front, side, and rear including your head/face and the newspaper in each photo. Wear form-fitting clothing that shows your body. Then follow Turbulence Training workouts for 12 weeks. You can start with Craig's free bodyweight workouts I send to subscribers to my blog. When you've completed the 12 weeks, you take "after" pictures, again with a current paper, and write an essay (300 word minimum) to tell Craig about your transformation. You can submit it to him via email, or post it on the ttmembers.com site.

What advice would you give me?
I have a few things that helped me succeed during my transformations:
  • Regular communication with others in the contest. Posting my workouts and nutrition on ttmembers.com was a huge help for me. Not only did I get support from other contestants, but they also gave me advice, recommendations, and a kick in the rear when I needed it!
  • Logging my nutrition. I kept track of what I ate, the calories, and the macronutrient (fat, carb, protein) breakdown by logging my food at Gyminee.com and Sparkpeople.com. I could analyze what I was eating over a week's time, and help recognize why I made, or didn't make progress over a particular week.
  • Sticking to a workout schedule. Craig's workouts are great, but it's up to you to fit them in. Plan out your three Turbulence Training workouts for the week, your day "off" and your light day activity for the remaining days. These are important appointments for you. Keep true to them like you would any other appointment. Miss a lot of workouts, and you may end up giving up entirely. Staying on track, even when circumstances conspire against you, and you will accomplish much!
  • Make it fun! You can reward yourself for mini-accomplishments, find a fun activity for your off days, and find a friend to transform with. But whatever you do, understand that this is not a diet, it's a life change. So make it a fun one. If you do, your transformation will last long beyond the end of your 12 weeks.
If you don't already have Craig's Turbulence Training workouts, you can start the contest for free, using the bodyweight workouts I'll send you when you sign up for my newsletter (on the right). If you like them, I encourage you to purchase the full program for $39.95, which will give you the Original Turbulence Training workout manual, many additional resources and manuals, and access to Craig's ttmembers.com site for three months (along with the new workout of the month for each of those three months).

Right now, Craig has the awesome February 2009 "Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks" workout available to all members, but it's only through Thursday, May 7th. I used this workout during the 4th Turbulence Training contest (TC4), and it was absolutely killer! The female winner of TC4, Robyn, who set a fat-loss record, losing 35 pounds and 9.5" from her waist alone, also used this workout during the final phase of her transformation. (Read more about Robyn here.)

So if you've been contemplating a purchase of Turbulence Training, now is a great time to do it! Craig even has a 21-day trial offer that you can purchase for an initial payment of just $4.95, with the remaining $35 billed at the end of 4 weeks. Click here for that deal!

If you already have some Turbulence Training workouts, and are ready to get started with the contest, make sure you read the full rules and submit your email address to register on this page.

I hope to see and hear about your contest entry soon!

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