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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last day to enter Turbulence Training contest!

Well, it's Tuesday morning. Perhaps you're now looking back over your Memorial Day holiday and regretting your excesses...fatty food, sweets, and alcohol. Instead of spending hours in the gym trying to undo the damage in one mega-workout (a fruitless pursuit), why not commit to a lifestyle change that will help you look and feel more slender, more muscular, and healthier?

Remember my post on motivation? Well, if accountability and a challenge are things that motivate you, don't miss your last opportunity to join the fifth Turbulence Training contest! Today is the last day to enter the contest and have the full twelve weeks to make your transformation.

As if the opportunity to transform your body wasn't motivation enough, there's a $1000 grand prize (plus a 3-year platinum subscription to Craig's site and workouts) for the top male AND top female transformation, plus smaller prizes for the second and third place finishers in each category. And, there's a special prize for the best transformation by a couple, AND a bonus for trainers whose clients win a transformation contest prize.

To help out his contestants, Craig is also making some of his most recent - and most popular - workouts available to all members for a limited time. This includes:

  • Turbulence Training 2K9 - The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout, featuring new bodyweight exercises, kettlebells intervals, and 31 days of fat burning tips.
  • TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks - Featuring what's been called the "Hardest TT Workout Ever," a KILLER timed bodyweight interval workout, you'll find amazing muscle sculpting and fat loss will result from this workout.
  • TT March Madness Circuits - Short, fun, fat burning circuits using everything from bodyweight, dumbbells, and kettlebells. You'll really be able to change things up and keep your body guessing with the variety offered by these circuits.
  • TT AAA Abs - Filled with exercises designed to shed body fat while flattening your tummy and strengthening your abdominals, AAA Abs will get you doing challenging new exercises, having fun, and getting a fantastic workout.
  • TT Fat Loss for Reformed Meatheads - Think you can't get cut in just 3 days per week? Think again, with this old-school program that builds big guns and six pack abs...all without long, boring cardio.
Right now, when you purchase Turbulence Training, Craig will include three months free access to the site, which will be enough to allow you to get motivation from fellow contestants for your entire 12 weeks. But after Thursday, May 29, 2009, you'll only get one month free access, and all of the bonus workouts listed above will go back in the vault for Platinum Members only. So if you've been thinking about purchasing Turbulence Training and entering the contest, now is a great time to do so!

Click here to purchase Turbulence Training, and good luck with your transformation!

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