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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My second 12 weeks of Turbulence Training

I just finished my second 12 weeks of Turbulence Training, and wanted to share my results with my readers! It was another very successful transformation, and I'm very proud of what I've accomplished.

Workouts used:
TT for Female Strength Phase II
TT Gain Muscle Lose Fat
TT Buff Dudes Hot Chicks

My stats:
Start date - 1/5
End date - 3/29

Height 5'1"
Weight 116.5 - end 111
Moving Avg Weight 115.92 - end 111.59
Chest 35" - end 34"
Waist 28" - end 26.5"
Belly 31" - end 29.5"
Hip 37" - end 35"
Thigh 17.75" - end 17.25"
Calf 12" - end 12.25"
Body fat per Tanita scale - 22% - end 20%
Body fat per calipers - no starting measurement - end 15.5%

1. Maintain or add to my lean body mass (weight is 116 with 15.5% body fat - calipers) - Both the Tanita scale and my pictures indicate that I accomplished this goal. With calipers I ended up with the same body fat measurement as I had at the end of TC3, but I think that TC3 measurement was a little lower than actual.

2. Maintain or reduce my fat (see above) - visually, I clearly did this in the chest, tummy, butt, and back

3. Perform 5 consecutive chin-ups - VERY close. I can do 4 singles now!

4. Perform 20 consecutive close-grip push-ups - YES! And I was surprised when I tested but I can do it!

5. Perform 20 consecutive decline push-ups - YES!

6. Perform 50 consecutive regular push-ups - Not there yet, although I can do way more than 50 if I break them up into sets. Consecutive is around 35 right now.

7. Improve my arm/shoulder definition - OH YES. Those 3 min arms deltoid supersets I did certainly helped, as did the arm sets in BDHC.

8. Get a bikini-worthy tummy (no 6-pack needed, but a 2-pack or 4-pack would be nice!) - still no 2 pack, but I am super proud of how my tummy looks. I am totally ready to play sports on the beach now!

I came into the fourth Turbulence Training contest ready to rededicate myself to clean eating and fitness after a bit of overeating over the holidays. But I was already below what I had seen as my goal weight so my goals this time were strength driven.

My inspiration was a picture of Jessica Biel, running around playing sports in a bikini and looking so gorgeous and unconcerned about the way she looked. I wanted that, AND I wanted to be a tough chick too! I wanted to crank out chin ups and push ups and make people in the gym stop and look at me and think, "WOW."

So I really pushed myself and tried to pick harder workouts that would push my limits and help me achieve strength. I was VERY happy with the results. I can now crank out 35 push-ups, and more importantly, I can do decline and close-up push-ups at much higher reps and with much better form that I could 12 weeks ago. I've doubled the number of chin-ups I can do, and made progress towards that elusive first pull-up, although I'm not there yet. My physical conditioning is improving, and the bodyweight circuits in GM/LF and BDHC really helped with that as well.

While I've been building strength, I've been shocked to find the pounds and inches continue to drop from a body that I already thought looked great! I bought a size 4 suit at the end of December that is now too big for me to wear. I'm a size 2! I haven't been this light since I was a freshman in college, and I found that I can fit into an evening gown I wore in my very first beauty pageant that year (1994)! It's a size 2 as well.

What you may have realized from my "before" pictures at the very start of my blog is that I fully expected to need to have breast reduction surgery within the next few years. I am so proud to say with all of my fat loss I have gone from a 34F to a very normal 34C. I can't believe it! I can buy shirts sized for my frame and not worry about my breasts popping out of them. The fact that I've gotten this without surgery is something that absolutely brings tears to my eyes! I know most women would not be happy about their chest getting smaller but for me it is such a great thing. I never realized going from body fat of around 26% to 20% and below would make such a dramatic difference.

As always, nutrition was SO key. I am so tempted by so many things and just a little bit of sugar can turn on my cravings for hours! And I continued to use my weekly ESE fast to help me mentally, by reminding me that I CAN resist temptation. I struggled with that a bit, but having my support network at the TT forums, and all the people joining in a ban on sweets except for their cheat meal really helped me. And, the encouragement to actually let my cheat be a true cheat helped too. Choosing something that really made me feel like I was treating myself helped me resist the temptations the rest of the week. Now I really have a meal routine down, and although I could stand to have some more variety in what I eat, I am eating really healthy. My latest challenge has been switching to a maintenance calorie level, and while it's taken some adjustment, I think I will settle in and get comfortable with that.

Now I feel strong, powerful, and in charge of my destiny. I'm excited to see where the next chapter takes me. Two of my neighbors commented that I look like a completely different person. But I'm not. I'm the same me I've always been, only better, more confident, and healthier! I am SO ready to go running around on the beach in my bikini, not worried whether I'm going to look bad. And I have to say it -- I look good! (And not just for a mom.)

I'm going to keep up with my TT workouts, but I'm developing a love of Kettlebells and will be taking a weekly class with an RKC coach at my gym. I'm really excited to begin exploring a new chapter of fitness and strength. I'll keep all of my readers posted on where this new chapter takes me.


  1. Awesome job Liz! With your TT Platinum membership you can grab the Kettlebell Fat Loss Unleashed workout!!!

  2. Ooh, you're right! I didn't even look at that one yet! I'll have to go check it out. Thanks for mentioning it!